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Everything You Need
To Know

The videos below will illustrate the various
ways you can use Lavin Lift Straps.

Using the Lavin Lift Strap, the Basic Process

Learn More about the Basic Process

The process illustrated here is what you’ll need to learn to lift the patient’s hips to access the buttocks and lower back for cleaning and changing.

Reusable Lavin Lift Mutlitsize Straps™ feature easy to fit multisize straps lined with medical grade Enthera™ which wicks away moisture and provide a softer more secure fit. When used properly, the straps do the work of safely lifting your loved one in just a few easy steps! They are available in three sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large (for Bariatric and/or obese patients).

Process for Patients of Size or with Leg Sensitivity

Learn More about the Bariatric Process

The Double Strap/Bariatric Process is intended for larger patients and those with varicose veins or other conditions resulting in extremely sensitive legs. Using Re-usable Lavin Lift Straps correctly sized to the patient’s thighs and calves, this process distributes the stress points along the leg, thereby avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Once the straps are securely fastened, the caregiver positions a lifter over the patient’s thigh, attaches the straps and activates the patient lifter. The Double-Strap Process permits a higher lift of the patient’s lower body than the basic single strap process.

Limb Suspension

Learn More about the Limb Suspension Process

The Limb Suspension Process is for wound care and/or treatments, catheter insertion and other processes requiring a caregiver to lift a limb or limbs.

In the Limb Suspension Process, a caregiver simply attaches an appropriately sized strap to the limb of the patient and secures the strap to a patient lift. Lavin Lift Strap is not a sling but a secure strap, so the limb can be raised without danger of slipping. Virtually no lifting is required on the part of the caregiver. Disposable Lavin Lift Straps are available for Single Patient Use requirements, as well as the Re-usable shown in the training video.

Lavin Lift Strap Sizing

Learn More about correctly sizing Lavin Lift Straps

Measure circumference of patient’s thigh 5 inches above the knee joint. This will indicate the correct size strap to be used.

If the person to be cleaned or treated has a condition such as obesity, a painful leg or sensitivity in the area surrounding the knee, it may be necessary to use 2 Lavin Lift Straps per leg. Attain the correct size of this 2nd strap by measuring the circumference of the leg below the knee at the top of the calf.

Safe and Secure Limb suspension using the Reusable Lavin Lift Straps

Arm Suspension for Wound Care

New Lavin Lift Multisize Reusable Straps

Learn More about recent product changes

This video shows the new features of the latest (patent pending) Lavin Lift Reusable product line. Enhancements include two sizes instead of seven for easier and better fitting straps. New medical grade fabric (Enthera TM) for the lining next to the skin providing more comfort and less potential for the sling slipping out of position.