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Healthcare Institutions

Please contact us for details on how to order Lavin Lift Strap institutional kits.

Home Caregivers

Directions for Reusable Lavin Lift Strap Sizing:

Measure circumference of patient’s thigh 5 inches above the knee joint. This will indicate the correct size strap to be used.

If the person to be cleaned or treated has a condition such as obesity, a painful leg or sensitivity in the area surrounding the knee, it may be necessary to use 2 Lavin Lift Straps per leg. Attain the correct size of this 2nd strap by measuring the circumference of the leg below the knee at the top of the calf.

Leg Size Strap Size
17” or less M
18”-23” L
24”-29” XL

Order Reusable Lavin Lift Straps

Each Order contains 2 Straps

Reusable Lavin Lift Straps

Ordering Details

Please use the chart above to find the correct size. See Lavin Lift Strap Sizing video for additional information

Select the appropriate size and click the button above to place a secure order through PayPal.

Each set of the Reusable model straps comes with integrated T-bar connectors that make attaching Lavin Lift Straps™ to T-bar mechanisms fast and easy.