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Which Lavin Lift Strap is right for you?

To use Lavin Lift straps for patient care, you’ll first need to determine which model is appropriate for your loved one, patients or facility.

Reusable Multi-size

Lavin Lift Straps

Single Patient Use

Disposable Lavin Lift Straps

Lavin Lift Straps are a patient lift accessory that work with all standard patient lifters with T-bar technology to gently elevate the lower half of a patient’s body and give caregivers easy access for cleaning, changing, and care delivery needs.

Lavin Lift Straps are not to be used for patient transport or restraint. Only use the Reusable model with bariatric patients.

Lavin Lift  Straps fall under the medical device patient sling category. Due to health and hygenic regulations, they cannot be returned unless defective or unopened in original packaging.

Medicare-approved and hospital-tested, Lavin Lift Straps make it possible for one caregiver to do the work of two.

An Essential Accessory for Patient Lifters.
An Essential Tool for Patient Care.

This chart will help you decide between the Reusable and Disposable models.

Facility Type Reusable*
Lavin Lift Straps™
Lavin Lift Straps™
Home care
Long-term care
Acute care
Skilled care


See Lavin Lift Straps in action

Lavin Lift Straps products and processes are patented. Whatever your requirements,  Lavin Lift Strap has a solution, with either disposable, bariatric or reusable models of the Lavin Lift Strap.

Basic Process

Reusable Lavin Lift Mutlitsize Straps feature easy to fit multisize straps lined with medical grade Enthera™ which wicks away moisture and provide a softer more secure fit. When used properly, the straps do the work of safely lifting your loved one in just a few easy steps! They are available in three sizes, Medium, Large and Extra Large for Bariatric and/or obese patients.

The “Basic Process” you see illustrated here is what you’ll need to learn to lift the patient’s hips to access the buttocks and lower back for cleaning and changing.

Double-Strap Process

The Double-Strap Process is intended for larger patients and those with varicose veins or other conditions resulting in extremely sensitive legs. Using Re-usable Lavin Lift Straps correctly sized to the patient’s thighs and calves, this process distributes the stress points along the leg, thereby avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Once the straps are securely fastened, the caregiver positions a lifter over the patient’s thigh, attaches the straps and activates the patient lifter. The Double-Strap Process permits a higher lift of the patient’s lower body than the basic single strap process. Bariatric patients should only use re-usable Lavin Lift Straps and the double strapping process.

The Limb Suspension Process

The Limb Suspension Process for Wound Care and/or Treatments, Catheter Insertion and other processes requiring a caregiver to lift a limb or limbs featuring Lavin Lift Multisize Reusable Straps.

Lavin Lift Straps can be used to suspend limbs during treatment, as well as lifting a patient’s lower body for cleaning, changing and wound care. In this process, a caregiver simply attaches an appropriately sized strap to the limb of the patient. Then secure the strap to a patient lift. Since the Lavin Lift Strap is not a sling but a secure strap, the limb can be raised without danger of slipping. Virtually no lifting is required on the part of the caregiver.

Single Patient Use Disposable Lavin Lift Straps

These patented Color Coded straps, perfect for hospitals, hospice, rehabilitation, acute care and skilled care facilities, and other institutions where a disposable product is desired. Integrated strap adapters and Velcro hooks will allow the caregiver to position the patient in a matter of seconds allowing them to easily perform the task of changing and cleaning or limb suspension.

Reusable Lavin Lift Straps Patent Pending

Perfect for bariatric facilities, home care environments, long-term care facilities, and other settings where a reusable product is desired. Made from foam-padded nylon medical grade Enthera and buckle attachments, reusable Lavin Lift Straps adjust easily to secure bed-ridden patients in comfort.

  • Three color coded sizes fit most patients: small/beige (16” leg circumference and below), medium/gray (17” – 20”), and large/blue (20” – 24”)
  • 150 lb tensile strength per strap
  • Made from comfortable foam padding and a soft-skin covering that’s gentle on skin
  • Integrated strap adapters/T-bar connectors
  • Cost-effective, single patient use
  • Ease of inventory control
  • Improved infection control
  • Customizable fit: comes in 12” to 29” sizes
  • 400 lb. tensile strength per strap; can be daisy-chained together. For sizes larger than 29″, please contact Lavin Inc for information on size customization.
  • Made from high density foam padding and high performance nylon and Enthera
  • Long lasting
  • Machine washable (Gentle Cycle). May also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or topical disinfectants intended for use with materials such as cotton and nylon
  • Cost-effective, long term product use