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Simple and Easy

Lift, change and clean patients.
Treat wounds and pressure ulcers.

How we can help you

Lavin Lift Straps™ are an accessory to the standard patient lifters you already have in your facility. Because Lavin Lift Straps work with both portable and built-in patient lifters, no additional capital expenditures are required. Instead, you’ll see an improved return-on-investment from existing lift equipment purchases because Lavin Lift Straps™ enable caregivers to use patient lifters in a greater number of patient care situations. Deploy staff cost-effectively—Lavin Lift Straps™ enable one caregiver to do the work of an entire patient lifting team safely! Purchase Lavin Lift Straps™ for your facility if you want to see improvements in employee safety and satisfaction, and patient care and satisfaction.

Training Videos

Safe and secure leg suspension using our Disposable Lavin Lift Straps
Limb suspension using our Reusable Lavin Lift Straps
Arm suspension for wound care using our Disposable Lavin Lift Straps
Our extra large aids and process for changing and cleaning patients of size

Benefits for the Patient

  • Lifting is gentle to the fragile or confused or elderly patient.
  • Allows for changing more often, keeping patient drier.
  • Patient does not have to be turned from side to side, providing less stress to patient.
  • Linen will not have to be pushed under patient, thus reducing friction and possible shear.
  • One caregiver will be able to perform function instead of many, which allows the patient more dignity.
  • Patient will be kept overall in better health

Benefits for the Facility

  • Facility will be kept cleaner.
  • Less repetitive stress and other injuries to caregivers.
  • Less Worker’s Compensation costs.
  • The effects of staff cutbacks and repurposing, can be mitigated by utilizing this lifting process and product.

How To Order

Please contact us for details on how to order Lavin Lift Strap institutional kits.

(888) 545-5438

"One caregiver, using Lavin Lift Straps, has been able to clean and change a patient, not having to wait for assistance from other members of the team."

Mary Webb, RN, BSN, MA, CIC San Mateo Medical Center, San Mateo, CA